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We all often watch Bollywood movies to pass our time. But we cannot watch any movie without a cinema hall or TV. We all know there are many websites to download movies But don’t know their names. In our website Top Web Flash you will find Top 10 Bollywood movie download sites. You can easily download any Bollywood movies from this website. You don’t have to pay extra money for this But in return they will show you some ads. If you want, you can skip these ads and download your favorite movies.

Below are the names of some Bollywood movies download sites:

1. Mlwbd

How to use Mlwbd :

Popular website between Bangladesh and India is mlwbd . I also often download movies, TV series, web series from this mlwbd. Anime, cartoons , Hollywood and Bollywood movies can be downloaded very easily. You can download English movies in Hindi language from this mlwdb But they will not change any money from you, instead they will show you some ads if you want. Again thay can take you inside another website, If you are using a phone then you can go back to the Previous place by clicking on the back button of the mobile. In this way you download your movies, series etc. Using this website will not harm your phone. If you run most of the ads one this website, your phone will not be damaged. 


2. Lookmeyts.rsmovi

Lookmovie is a website through which you can easily watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies but you can’t download this website contains. There are many movies on the website. you just need to click on the movie then you will be taken inside that movie maybe some add will show In Front of you, you cut those add and go down a bit and the movie will come In Front of you. If you click on the video, you will be shown an add like 30 second,you can skip the add if you want. If you skip the movie will start again. You can drag, enlarge or move to a corner to watch. Using this website will not cause any harm to your phone or computer but if you avoid the most of the time then no virus can attack your phone or computer.Hopefully if you follow my rules properly you won’t face any problems.

3. movies fore you

Movie4u is a popular website between India and Bangladesh. Bollywood and Hollywood movie can be easily downloaded or watch form this however among all the websites I have used , I found this website to be the I also often use this website to download movies. This website shows very less add compared to the other may sometimes be taken inside another add.if you are using a mobile , you can go back to the previous place by pressing the back button of the mobile .if you want you can join their telegram channel in those places they provide on the movie of your choice  and go down a little ,you will get the download option from there you can easily downloaded it.and always avoid the add then there will be no damage to your phone or computer . Hopefully if you follow my rules properly you won’t face any problem

4. Moviecrumbs

moviecrumbs is a website to easily watch and download movies. You have to pay a separate amount to watch movies on this website. But in return it will show you some addYou will cut the add, there is a search bar above it, you can search the name of your movie if you want. Here you can watch both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. But I will say that this website is much more difficult to run than the websites I mentioned aboveHowever, using this website will not cause any virus or damage to your phone or computer. However, most of the time avoid the add. If you follow the instructions given by me, I hope you can run the website and use the website properly

5. YouTube 

YouTube is a medium through which many dramas and movies can be watched. But one of the problems is that you can’t watch any new movies. But you can watch many old movies, but you can’t watch them very well. However, many YouTubers sometimes use different sounds in the background to make them copyright free. It often makes it difficult to watch movies, dialogues cannot be heard well. If you download from YouTube, it stays inside YouTube and does not come in the fileBut if you want you can download from YouTube and watch from any website. But your phone will never be hacked in YouTube. Most of us people use YouTube and everyone knows about YouTube


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